Learn about cheqd

We're making it easier for individuals and organisations to trust each other.

Learning journeys

Get started by learning about what cheqd and Creds are and how the technological building blocks underpin the products.

Core concepts

Familiarise yourself with the core concepts around decentralised identity and how the $CHEQ token works within this technological ecosystem.

Get started with our Products

cheqd has a series of Products, ranging from Credential Service to Creds.xyz. Get started with tutorials and guides on how to use them.

Contribute to the Network

Understand cheqd's Governance Framework, including how to delegate your tokens, vote and participate in cheqd Network governance.

Explore the cheqd ecosystem

Use our different block explorers to view network transactions, delegations, governance proposals and community pool spends.

Setup your wallet

When using the cheqd network, both testnet and mainnet, you will need to hold tokens to pay for the transaction. In this guide we offer options for setting up a wallet and adding cheqd's mainnet and testnet.

More on CHEQ

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