Why did we decide on a bridge to Ethereum?

As we build payment rails for trusted data (more on that below), we want to offer issuers, verifiers (the receivers of trusted data), and holders a choice on the means of settlement. We expect a preference for stablecoins to eliminate the volatility in either pricing or settling payments for trusted data.

More on this in our tokenomics for payment models.

Whilst the Cosmos ecosystem has these, they aren’t as widely adopted yet as either USDC or USDT, both of which are within the Ethereum ecosystem. Furthermore, as we want to work with fiat on and off-ramps to remove the need for end customers to worry about crypto, there are currently more of these available in the Ethereum ecosystem, although we’re sure the Cosmos ecosystem will catch up with new companies joining the likes of Kado.

A nice byproduct of this is providing easier access to CHEQ, whether you’re building upon the network, seeking to secure the network through staking or liquidity mining.

Ethereum was the first ecosystem we bridged to but it certainly won’t be the last.

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