How to send CHEQ tokens from Ethereum to cheqd


The following instructions will be lighter weight as much of the general process of sending CHEQ tokens to Ethereum via Gravity Bridge has been explained separately.

Step 1: Set your Source chain and Destination chain

Go to SpaceStation and select the respective chains. Your Source chain should be Ethereum, and your Destination chain Gravity Bridge.

Step 2: Initiate Transfer

Initiate Transfer by selecting the token you wish to transfer and the amount, hit transfer and confirm.

Step 3: Approve the transfer

A MetaMask pop-up will appear. Check the transaction fees and approve the transfers (again, the high transfer fees are on the Ethereum side, not Cosmos.

Fortunately these fees will reduce based on the volumes of transfers on the Gravity Bridge thanks to the Batching mechanism designed as part of the bridge).

Step 4: Transfer tokens to your final destination chain

Finally, transfer the tokens from the Gravity Bridge chain to your final destination chain (the cheqd network).

If at any point you want to check the transfer, you can enter your Gravity address into MintScan using G-Bridge.

And that’s it, your tokens are now available in your Keplr wallet and can be used once again for all things Cosmos!

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