It is important to use consistent and plain language, to ensure that there is a clear understanding of this Governance Framework.

For this reason, this Governance Framework will utilise the key words:

  • "MUST",

  • "MUST NOT",


  • "SHALL",

  • "SHALL NOT",

  • "SHOULD",



  • "MAY", and


These terms are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119

Generally, this Governance Framework will use non-prescriptive language, and will focus more on MAY and SHOULD, rather than SHALL and MUST.

The Governance Framework MAY also make use of the terms, conventions and patterns in the ToIP Metamodel. It is desirable to become a ToIP compliant Network.

cheqd-specific Terms SHALL be defined in the Glossary of terms, a Controlled Document of the Governance Framework.

Reference MAY also be made to:

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