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Introduction to the cheqd Governance Framework


Governance Frameworks are generally perceived as largely inaccessible documents, for various reasons:

  1. People do not understand what governance is, or why it is important;

  2. The documentation is generally convoluted and difficult to find;

  3. They are too formal and written in abrasive, legal language;

  4. They do not educate the reader about the concepts they are governing.

At cheqd, we want our Governance Framework to be something that is easy to read, understand and use in practice. We want this document to be clearly understood by a diverse and multidisciplinary audience and collective, spanning across the world.

We are committed to writing our documentation in simple language, using easy examples to explain difficult concepts, and designing a Governance Framework which is open and easy to change.

This is the most important part of any Governance Framework...

Core to our Governance Framework, above all, is first, common understanding and common acknowledgement of how a system is run, and secondly, clear, accessible and democratic ways to influence decisions and the direction of change. This can only be achieved through clear communication, transparency and inclusivity.

Let's make this easy, accessible and inclusive

Through this Governance Framework, WE want to help YOU as a Network User, Node Operator or cheqd Community Member understand and familiarise yourselves with the following:

  1. What Governance (and decentralised governance) is;

  2. What cheqd’s mission is, and how our Network functions;

  3. How you can impact Network Governance, either in off-chain forums, or through on-chain Proposals;

  4. How the cheqd Network rewards participants through transaction fees and rewards;

  5. What Principles YOU SHOULD uphold while using the cheqd Network;

  6. How cheqd has built its Network to become more decentralised over time, as Low Entropy tends towards High Entropy.

In return, we kindly ask that YOU, while using the cheqd Network:

  1. Demonstrate empathy and kindness toward other people;

  2. Act with openness and respect to Users of differing opinions, viewpoints, and experiences;

  3. Give and gracefully accept constructive feedback;

  4. Accept responsibility for your mistakes, and are open to apologizing to those affected by our mistakes;

  5. Focus on what is best not just for YOU and your desired outcomes on the Network, but make decisions with the entire cheqd community in mind.

We also ask that YOU follow the provisions of our Code of Conduct to ensure the best experience for others in the community.

If you have any questions regarding the way cheqd's Governance is structured, please reach out to one of our Community leaders in the cheqd Community Slack, ask a question on our Telegram, Discord or in our cheqd forum, at:

Let’s make cheqd a success together, and payment rails for trusted digital data a global standard: improving trust and efficiency in every industry.

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